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Art has always been my heart and passion. While exploring my creativity in the art world, I fell into the universe of barber and hairstyling. I would always find myself spending hours doing my hair and make up. That's when a family friend suggested that I should go to cosmetology school. At that time I wasn't doing much with my art, so I took my friends advice and enrolled in Bennett Beauty Institute in Washington D.C. That began the birth of a new passion called hairstyling. I was able to harness my fine art skills and use that talent in creating fantastic hairstyles clients would love to wear. I acquired my cosmetology license, built up a large clientele and became a manager of a well known salon in the Washington D.C. area. During that time in my life the beauty industry took all my attention and I begin to do less and less art projects. Soon I became the owner of a salon and spa and art became more of a hobby then a business for me. Some years passed by and an opportunity became available for me to move to Atlanta GA. and rekindle my first love and passion art. After talking with family and friends about the new opportunity, I decided to take the chance and I sold my business, left my clientele, home, family and friends to pursue my biggest dream. That's when I created the Visions Of Beauty Series. The barber and beauty industry has been good to me for many years. I've met so many people, acquired new skills and made new friends all from doing hair. To thank the industry for all the experiences and lessons, I created this artwork to show the love, passion and creativity people in this industry possess. So please keep doing what you do, keep making clients feel good, keep expressing your style and passion in your work. The Visions Of Beauty Series is for you.

So look deep in the art and see yourself, and put your style on the walls of your barber shops, salons, spas, and homes. I would like to thank all who work in the beauty industry for supporting and believing in my endeavors. You will always be loved and appreciated.

"Barber and Beauty Art depicted through the eyes of a woman"